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Auto Body Specialties – Glass Replacement and Repair

We don’t advertise it, (because we don’t do any advertising) but Auto Body Specialties does more than just collision repair. We also replace or repair damaged glass on your car, truck, van, or SUV.  

We have a mobile service that will come to you, to repair or replace damaged glass on your car, truck,van, or SUV. This service is covered by most insurance carriers. Just check with your insurance Carrier to see if glass repair is covered. Call us at 765-477-0979 and we will take care of the rest. 

With almost a quarter century of service, Auto Body Specialties of Lafayette is your premiere collision repair,  body and paint shop.

Collision Repair – Geico Insurance

Each week we are going to spotlight one of the car insurance companies we do business with. This week we are going to throw Geico Insurance Company into the spot light.


Hello Beautiful

Hello Beautiful


Geico is one of the top insurance companies in the country. They insure autos, trucks, SUV’s, morotcycles, RV’s, ATV’s Boats and commercial vehicles. Geico also offers Homeowners insurance, Life insurance and many other forms of insurance. For a complete list of Geico’s products visit their website at There you will find a ton of information. 

Geico is like many of the insurance carriers we work with in that most collision claims start at their website. The Geico claim center can be accessed on-line. Once there you can access the type of claim with a quick click of the mouse. 

We enjoy working with Geico because they make it easy for us to repair your car truck SUV, or van in a quick and timely manner. So easy in fact… Even a caveman can do it. Oops… sorry about that. Some times you just can’t resist.

At Auto Body Specialties, we will bring your car back to the condition it was before the crash. Bring your vehicle into our shop located at 3460 Concord Road in Lafayette for a quick and free estimate. 

Cavemen and Lizards, Oh MY

One of the other things we love about Geico is their creative advertising. Over sensitive Cavemen, a talking lizard, celebrities helping regular people do commercials… Brilliant.

Just for fun we are going to post one today. We found a really creative viral website and will post it tomorrow. Enjoy

Collision Repair – State Farm Insurance

At Auto Body Specialties we pride ourselves in the quality of work we put into every collision repair. You want your car truck or SUV to be restored to its original condition after any accident. We can do the work, but who gets to pay for the repair?

Who's gonna pay


In most cases an insurance company will be involved in the transaction. With over 25 years of experience we know how to help you work with your insurance carrier. In our over a quarter century of service, we have worked with almost all of them. That is why we decided to give you some information about some of the insurance companies we have worked with over the years.

If you are driving in Indiana and you come in contact with someones automobile, the odds are real good that one of you is insured by State Farm Insurance Company.

State Farm is, according to their website, Americas #1 insurance company. “State Farm® has been in the business of providing excellent automobile insurance coverage at an affordable price since 1922.” We have been successfully working with State Farm to make their insureds cars look great again.

State Farm was one of the first insurance companies to process most of their claims over the internet. If you are insured with State Farm and need to start a claim, just visit their on-line claim center.

We understand that when you have been in an accident, you just want to get your vehicle repaired as quickly as possible. You don’t want to worry about all the hassles associated with making claims, getting estimates and so on. That’s why you should visit Auto Body Specialties first. We will make your collision repair easy and painless as possible.

Auto Body Specialties – Auto Repair Done Right



Welcome to our new blog. Auto Body Specialties is Lafayette Indiana’s premiere body shop. Our mission is to take your damaged vehicle and return it to its former beauty.


We can help

We can help


We are launching this blog to introduce ourselves and showcase the quality of our work. We understand that today it is not just enough to talk about the quality of your work or the level of service provided, you have to prove it every day. With a quarter century of experience, we feel confident in our work and service. So much so that we want to give you a platform to communicate to us and about us. 

We are going to use this blog to discuss some of the projects we are working on. We will show you pictures  of our projects before, during and after completion. We also hope to discuss some of the challenges  we encounter along the way. Your feedback will be an important part of our blog, so we are looking forward to your comments. 

Thanks for stopping by, stop back soon.