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Welcome to our new blog. Auto Body Specialties is Lafayette Indiana’s premiere body shop. Our mission is to take your damaged vehicle and return it to its former beauty.


We can help

We can help


We are launching this blog to introduce ourselves and showcase the quality of our work. We understand that today it is not just enough to talk about the quality of your work or the level of service provided, you have to prove it every day. With a quarter century of experience, we feel confident in our work and service. So much so that we want to give you a platform to communicate to us and about us. 

We are going to use this blog to discuss some of the projects we are working on. We will show you pictures  of our projects before, during and after completion. We also hope to discuss some of the challenges  we encounter along the way. Your feedback will be an important part of our blog, so we are looking forward to your comments. 

Thanks for stopping by, stop back soon.