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To Bail or Not to Bail

There has been lots of discussion about the Auto Industry Bailout lately.  We at Auto Body Specialties are not interested in the politics of the moment. We are not following closely the naming of the new car Czar. We are not concerned if the Senate Republicans are in disagreement with Dick Cheney. 

What we want to see is both parties, which make up our government, working with each other to safeguard our free market system, and looking for ways to help the working guys and gals in the automotive industry.

Here’s hoping for a short downturn and a quick return to prosperity.


Collision Repair – Allstate Insurance Company

Your in good hands

Your in good hands is the tag line for AllState Insurance. We have found that if your car has been involved in a crash and you need collision repair, you are in good hands with AllState. 

The team at Auto Body Specialties has had very positive results in our dealings with Allstate. Our customers tell us that the Allstate auto claims process is easy and convenient. According to local Allstate agent Jerry Koph’s website, Allstate’s claim service is open 24/7 for your convenience. 

When you have been involved in an accedent, all you want is for your vehical to be repaired. At Auto Body Specialties, we get that. We will make sure your colision repair is fast and done right. We will work with your insurance carrier to make sure you get the best value for your money. 

So if your car’s been crashed, your van’s been vandalized, or you need a windshield replaced, stop by and see your friends at Auto Body Specialties.

Collision Repair – State Farm Insurance

At Auto Body Specialties we pride ourselves in the quality of work we put into every collision repair. You want your car truck or SUV to be restored to its original condition after any accident. We can do the work, but who gets to pay for the repair?

Who's gonna pay


In most cases an insurance company will be involved in the transaction. With over 25 years of experience we know how to help you work with your insurance carrier. In our over a quarter century of service, we have worked with almost all of them. That is why we decided to give you some information about some of the insurance companies we have worked with over the years.

If you are driving in Indiana and you come in contact with someones automobile, the odds are real good that one of you is insured by State Farm Insurance Company.

State Farm is, according to their website, Americas #1 insurance company. “State Farm® has been in the business of providing excellent automobile insurance coverage at an affordable price since 1922.” We have been successfully working with State Farm to make their insureds cars look great again.

State Farm was one of the first insurance companies to process most of their claims over the internet. If you are insured with State Farm and need to start a claim, just visit their on-line claim center.

We understand that when you have been in an accident, you just want to get your vehicle repaired as quickly as possible. You don’t want to worry about all the hassles associated with making claims, getting estimates and so on. That’s why you should visit Auto Body Specialties first. We will make your collision repair easy and painless as possible.